Hi Everybody. Summer finally ready to make an appearance with temps in Boston this week predicted to hit the high 80s. My kind of weather.
It’s certainly getting hot in DC. Hillary declaring she wants to put coal miners out of work, Socialist Bernie Sanders has won 11 out of the last 16 Democrat primaries and Donald Trump has moved ahead in nearly all the national polls. It’s going to be a fascinating summer.
Some random thoughts:
* If you’re a man feeling like a woman, go to a psychiatrist, not a Target bathroom.
* If you think Ethanol in your gas tank is saving the planet, think again. Let’s feed people with corn instead of burning it in your engine.
* I am hoping for a Kansas City Royals/ Boston Red Sox AL Championship this year. Who wants to go to the Royals games at Fenway with me in August?
* Memorial Day weekend is coming up. It’s a great time to enjoy family and friends and kick off the summer, but please take some time to say thanks to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy. Pay respect to the true heroes on Monday.
* Tune in every night to WMEX…and call, write or send me a smoke signal. I appreciate the feedback.
Until next time…
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