The Bill of Rights. We all learned about them in grade school but how many people really know what they are?

They are the first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution written by our fourth president James Madison while he was still a congressman. They were written in response to requests by members of the union for greater constitutional protections for individual civil liberties.  Their purpose was then and is now to prohibit the federal government from interfering with what Madison and the founders of this country saw as God given natural rights.  After all who can trust the political party fashion trends and the vagaries of the electorate?  Better to quantify those inalienable rights for future generations just in case our American society takes a temporary leave of its collective mind and does something astonishing and self-destructive like elect an Alinskyite   with dreams of self-aggrandizement and the erasure of individual rights in the pursuit of globalization.

Our founding fathers did their best to protect us but they were only mortal and could not stand guard over us in perpetuity. Now it is our turn to defend ourselves and we are under attack from our own left flank. As we speak, three of our God given natural rights are under siege by elements of the Obama Administration whose concerted purpose is to remove the limits on the federal government and send us down the oft mentioned slippery slope. At the bottom of that slope is an Orwellian society where the supreme central government ruled by the politically correct liberal polizei control the sheeple. A society where all members are created equal – except of course for you bitter clingers.

The amendments of which I speak are the First, the Second and the Fifth.  The First Amendment is the Freedom of Speech which guarantees you can tell me off if you want or disagree out loud with the latest pronouncements from the White House. Maybe I should say that is what it used to mean. Just this month the presumptive democratic presidential nominee has been classifying speech from the republican presumptive nominee as shameful and dangerous rhetoric which aids terrorism, the Justice Department censored the 911 transcripts to remove any indication the terrorist that attacked the nightclub in Orlando was Islamic and Congress is now considering a law that would make denying global climate change a crime. On any one of our nation’s many college campuses if you have the temerity to write on the sidewalk in chalk “Trump 2016” you better have your running shoes on and beat feet across the quad as fast as you can because you have just committed a micro aggression i.e. a hate crime. If you don’t like any of the above actions you will be labeled a bigot and ostracized.  Is there any doubt in your mind the First Amendment is in trouble?

How about the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. Every time there is any crime involving a shooting the screeching starts from the left how guns are single handedly destroying our society and they must be abolished. It is not enough that the person wielding the gun is an Islamic terrorist and would have most likely found another way to maim and murder such as using a pressure cooker filled with shrapnel like the Boston Marathon bombers. It is no mitigating factor that the killer was insane like the Sandy Hook shooter who murdered his mother before he stole the guns he used to shoot up the elementary school. And it is of no interest that the laws congress tried to force down our throats by having a juvenile sit in on the house floor, catered by Starbucks, would not have stopped any of the heinous spree killings in the past few years even if they had been enacted  a decade ago. We hear from these same legislators it’s not the terrorists, it’s the guns!

Just this week the Supreme Court of the United States held that if you have had a conviction for domestic violence you may not buy a gun. Domestic violence is serious but the precedent is scary. How long until it’s just the charge and not the conviction that bars gun ownership? How long until a speeding ticket means you may not buy a gun?

This leads us to the last amendment running for its life, the Fifth Amendment, due process.  One of the big hurdles to the gun measures proposed last week, the no fly no buy lists, was the lack of due process. In theory it sounded good. If you were on the terrorist no fly list you would not be able to buy a gun. But there was no way to appeal being placed on the list. No due process. I am sure the late great Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts would tell you if he could. He was put on the list. During the floor fight on this issue, Jerry Nadler a congressman from New York actually tweeted “We must not use due-process as an excuse to support mass murder.”

Due process is the basis of our entire justice system. Without our right not to be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, we might as well live in the time of Henry VII and the arbitrary oppressive “justice” of the Star Chamber.  A fate our founding fathers were most strenuously trying to avoid when they enacted the Fifth Amendment.

The Bill of Rights is like a house of cards or a domino set up.  Each element relies upon the other for foundation and support. If one is damaged then all might fall. Three are currently being eroded. If the Amendments go, how long until the Constitution itself is deemed irrelevant? And who upon reaching the pearly gates of heaven is going to explain to James Madison just how we let it happen?

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