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Are the 2016 Olympics in Rio or Panem?

To all the athletes and spectators at the 2016 Olympics:  May the odds be ever in your favor. After the first weekend of competition I wasn’t sure if I was watching the Olympics or the Hunger Games. Is their mascot a monkey or a mockingjay? Let’s start with the death...

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The Taking of the Bill Of Rights

The Bill of Rights. We all learned about them in grade school but how many people really know what they are? They are the first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution written by our fourth president James Madison while he was still a congressman. They were written in...

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Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself. So says Professor Dumbledore of Harry Potter fame when trying to convince the inhabitants of his wizarding world that it is alright to say the name of his nemesis, Lord Voldemort. It is too bad that President...

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When did republicans become the human equivalent of scyphozoans otherwise known as the spineless jellyfish? Donald Trump raised the concern that the federal judge hearing the Trump University lawsuit, Judge Gonzalo Curiel, was bias and not affording him a fair trial....

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The Seduction of Bernie Sanders

In the beginning Bernie Sanders promised to run an issue oriented positive campaign for president. That is as rare a thing as the sighting of a white water buffalo in the jaded world of national politics. To prove his point in the first televised democratic debate he...

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