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Renegade Radio ShowHosted by John Pica and Bryan Berner, Renegade Radio is a morning show with comedic takes on local and national news.

Renegade Radio is not your typical radio show. If you’re looking for factual news, I’d say go elsewhere. If you’re looking to laugh and get mildly informed we may be the show for you. high energy, fast paced comedic show that discusses all topics from politics, current affairs to sports and music. Renegade is a lil’ news, a lil’ storytelling and tons of sarcasm.  Join them today and every weekday from 6–10 AM EST.  If you’re not in our listening area you can listen online at or by using downloading one of our free Apple or Android apps.

John Pica – Renegade Radio

Syndicated action sports radio host with 20 years in the radio business John Pica is a veteran who has worked at many radio stations all over the dial. From easy listening, to hip hop, to rock, to sports talk, and now straight talk, John has been at every format imaginable.  If he’s bringing Naughty By Nature on stage at a concert in Providence or Interviewing Floyd Mayweather at the fights in Las Vegas, he will claim to be the best at all of it… just ask him! He now resides at the historic radio station, WMEX where he hosts the morning show “Renegade Radio” m-f 6am-10am. Renegade Radio is a show that covers any and all topics with a comedic angle. If you were an O&A fan from back in the day as John was then you will love Renegade Radio… if not, he’ll tell you to hit the bricks. When not doing Renegade Radio you can listen to John host Holeshot Radio which is a syndicated radio show dedicated to the sport of motocross.

Face Book: Holeshot John

Twitter: @Jpica3

Instagram: HoleshotRadio

Bryan Berner – Renegade Radio

Bryan is a good guy, He…we all know I (Bryan) am writing this in third person. or is it second person, the one where you talk about yourself like it’s not you writing it. that one. so second or third person whichever it is. Bryan (Me) started out doing stand up comedy, open mic nights, bringer shows , things like that a few years ago in NJ/NY/PA. I did well, won a few compititions. got to open for some cool people. personally  I love sarcasm, especially when done right. nothing funnier. I went to school for radio when I was younger but the industy stunk back then. I paid 12K for a school to go make $3.25 an hour 3 days a week. don’t care how old I am unless I’m a depression babay thats some crappy return on inverstment. I have always loved radio, talk radio in particular. favorites were Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony, Ron and Fez. top 3 funniest radio shows of all time right there. but also liked Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. So the dream was to get back into radio somehow and make it my full time job and possibly even breaking the $9.75 a week benchmark I had prevoiusly set for myself.

Bryan now co-hosts “Renegade Radio” heard from 6 am to 10 am Mon–Fri EST in Boston and 2 pm to 6 pm PDT on KFUN and KKDJ in CA..

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