Protesters are silly.

The old saying “time flies…” really has a lot of meaning the older we get. More grey stubble on the beard, throwing your back out when you put your shoes on, getting to bed by 9pm because 10:00 is SO late… you get what I’m saying. Time really does go by so quickly because not that long ago 10:00 was the time to go out, 40 was considered really old and 6 pack abs were there no matter how much you ate.

Since I just had another birthday zip on by it makes me think a lot about time and how valuable it really is. This is why, for the life of me I will never understand protesters. Don’t you have better things to do like, I don’t know, work? With the race for the next president going on right now we see a lot of protesters some partially sane people and others, complete nut bags. I don’t get any of them. I’m all for standing up for what you believe in but there is a line and oh yea, dignity. Don’t people have dignity or even pride anymore? Not that long ago on Renegade Radio we got in a twitter war with these wack job circumcision people. Now I get it, some have their beliefs on this and other people think differently but who cares in the long run? To protest one way or the other is silly, stupid and a huge waste of time. Wouldn’t you rather relax, have a beer and enjoy time with friends and family? I mean how much of a zilch would you sound like when you are at the bar with some friends talking about your day and you say, “So yea, Jimmy, when I was out protesting circumcisions today…” pathetic.

The latest batch of wack-job protesters comes from the Cincinnati Zoo. We all know the story now of when the massive gorilla, Harambe dragged the 4 year old little boy. The little boy is lucky to be alive, while Harambe, not so much. As much as it sucks, zoo officials did the right thing by taking down the 17 year old gorilla. Realize this silverback gorilla can squeeze a coconut with his hand like we would a marshmallow. They had to put him down; tranquilizers would take to long to have enough of an impact so the only solution was to kill him, unfortunately. I mean seriously, what’s more important a human life or a gorilla? Don’t get me wrong if this was some random idiot adult hopping a fence to go play with these massive animals, don’t kill them, let the gorilla and the human duke it out fair and square (my money is on the gorilla). So I don’t have problem with the officials killing the gorilla here, my problem is with the protesters who have had a vigil at the zoo since. They’re holding up signs “Gorillas have feelings too”, “Harambe, a gentle giant”, and my favorite… “His life mattered”. Are you kidding me? These people have been standing out there for hours and hours with these stupid signs like a bunch of morons. Instead of taking their time on Memorial Day to honor our fallen men and women who have served our great country, they are protesting at this zoo trying to “stand up to the man”… losers. I’d like to see if their son or daughter was in that gorilla enclosure if they’d be still protesting. Better yet, lets toss all those protesters that are at the zoo in the gorilla pit and see if they change their tone. Can you imagine the backlash if they didn’t kill the gorilla and the boy ended up getting mauled?

So if you ever want to protest something, don’t bother, you look silly. Take a step back, be thankful for what you have, realize we live in the greatest country in the world, thank a veteran, and hug your kids, that my friends is making better use of your time. Time flies.

John Pica @jpica3

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