By Bryan Berner

Let’s talk.

I want you to do me a favor. it won’t take long and I NO I DON’T want to borrow any money, but if you’re offering,,,,. we’ll talk later.
Take a step back from your day to day life with me for just a second, don’t worry about the bills or what you’re going to eat tonight, if the girlfriend is mad at you or what time the game is on.
Lets take a better look at what’s really going on in this country right now, Now I know, I know what you’re thinking, uhhhh politics “It’s soooooo boring” or ” What can I do?” the old  “It is what it is” or  “It scares me to think of it”
Just for a second look at things honestly.  A real honest look without being PC. Being PC is not being real anyway, it’s not saying or doing something because we have been conditioned not say/do them because you’re a bad person if you do.
Believe it or not, the worlds not always a PC or nice place,  speaking the truth may not make you popular if you speak the truth that should be good enough, shouldn’t it?
There are bad people in this world that are doing bad things.
I believe the majority of people in this world are good hearted people that just want to live their lives and not bother anyone. “Live and let live”  personally I don’t care what color, religion, sexual orientation, whatever you are or do as long as you’re not an A-hole to me. I’m cool with you. it’s a simple rule really. I never understood why anyone would care about someones color, sex, orientation, religion and hold it against anyone especially if their just living their lives and not forcing their views on anyone else.
We’re all the same, just flesh and blood,  we love our families, want the best for our kids. so no matter what you are, you’re human first.
In the grand scheme of things who cares about all the rest anyway? But there are some things that aren’t nice to say but still are true and need to be talked about.
With the recent developments in the world and in this country doesn’t it make you think?   “What is going on and why?” Who’s running this and why are they running it this way?  It’s total craziness. let’s recap what has happened real quick. I promise, real quick..
We released over $150 billion dollars to Iran, you remember Iran don’t cha?. “Axis of Evil Iran”  “Death to America” Iran, kidnapping our milatary and other Americans and holding them for ransom Iran, yeah those guy’s.
We gave them $150 billion but that wasn’t good enough. We had to make it even better and throw in an extra 400 million for their pocket.  We’re big tippers here in the United States. “I know we owe you 150 Billion,,, but this is for you. put that in your pocket”.
If all that money wasn’t not good enough we lifted the sanctions that we’re keeping them from importing/exporting services and technical information and making the money to fund terrorism and explore nuclear or biological weapons. But we threw that aside. Why wouldn’t we? But Iran promised to not make a nuke for 15 years.  15 years!!!   How do we know Iran won’t make a nuke before then you ask? How can we trust them?  Well let me tell you how, it’s because they “pinkie promised” President Obama that’s how!  Now calm down, calm down, don’t worry.  President Obama who is always thinking thought it through lifted the santions but made Iran promise not to build a nuclear weapon for 15 years, hmmmm 15 years sounds like a long time but is it?  15 YEARS am I the only one that thinks 15 years isn’t that long? So they crossed their black hearts and swore not to make a nuke sooner then 15 years.  This is the country that hates America and Americans, who consistently have rallies where they burn our flags and leaders in effigy and all chant DEATH TO AMERICA”   FYI: same day the Deal went through the Ayatollah of Iran had everybody a chanting DEATH TO AMERICA so if you can’t trust him, then who can you trust?  Right?  Right guy’s?  Who’s with me?
It’s CRAZY!!  He has threatened Israel time and time again saying he wants to “wipe them off the map”  nukes could help in that regard (reason 35,976 why they shouldn’t;t have nukes)
Think 15 years is a long time?  It’s not and I’ll prove it to you.  Do you remember the TV shows on 15 years ago?
Come on, Scrubs, Smallville,24, Six Feet Under?  They all started 15 years ago (I didn’t say it was a GOOD year for TV, I just asked if you remember those lackluster shows)  it sounds like a long time away BUT it’s really not.especially when waiting for you at the end of those years is a nuclear capable Iran.
Another bee in my bonnet:
We also found out that the DNC was RIGGED!  We have the proof, the whole thing was a sham. Hillary had it right from the beginning the DNC made sure of it.
Example: Bernie Sanders won NH to the surprise of the Dem’s.  That is until the Democrats released the “Super Delegates” to go vote and rig it for the Hillster.  The delegates cast a lop sidled vote for Hillary to swing New Hampshire’s votes her way  so the people of NH wanted Sanders and the establishment wanted Hillary, guess who won?
Thank God because if Sanders got the super delegates votes and beat Hillary again the DNC would have had to pull out the SUPER DUPER DELEGATES or the SUPER DE DUPER DELEGATES to swing it back in Hillary’s favor. IT’S A RIGGED SYSTEM!
since then:
We have people who are shooting at our Cops and Cops shooting the people. Fires in California, floods in Louisiana, ISIS trying to kill everyone who doesn’t agree with them, the US taking refugees from ISIS controlled country’s claiming to have vet them. How did you vet them?  They have NO PAPER WORK!  The FBI said there were 800 people on the terror watch list and they can’t keep track of them so we add at least 10,000 people from an ISIS controlled area on top of that? And Hillary said she wants to times that by 10.
It almost makes you feel like you’re watching a TV show like 24 and Keifer Sutherland is going to break through the door and say “Mr President, what the hell is wrong with you”?  But alas, No Kiefer. Or it’s like a really bad movie like The Truman Show or any other lack-luster piece of fiction that mocked the future and the stupidity of the human race; mainly anything with Jim Carrey staring in it, that guy sucks, I have no clue how he got to be so famous – we get it you make stupid faces and noises, people giggle and you make a ton of money for it. We get it already! Go away! But I digress.
People and the governments of the world have to acknowledge whether it’s PC or not or if it’s nice or not. there are terrorists that hate us and want us dead. When that happens you don’t invite them in your country,  silly me, I think that’s called common sense.

Example: We are fighting a bunch of people who have no problem placing a pipe bomb behind a child watching a marathon on a summer day in Boston or blowing up a bus full of children going to school in Israel or people who will capture missionary’s that are there to help them and in turn cut their heads off.
We’ve all seen it or heard about it.
But these people REALLY cut other human beings heads off!!  It’s not a saying THEY DO IT!
It’s reality and it’s terrifying.
We’ve all seen the video of ISIS sticking people in a cage and then burning them alive, we’ve seen them place people in cages and drowned them or beat them to death, we’ve seen them kill nuns and priests who were just trying to help.
What I’m getting at here is, these aren’t very nice people, Sorry folks, but they aren’t.
The fact President Obama still won’t say ISIS or Muslim Extremists is baffling. The fact he is ok releasing terrorists from GITMO and making Iran a nuclear power is terrifying!
The stick your head in the sand mentality has not and will not work – if anything the issues have only become more often and more violent.
Who out there is okay with letting known terrorists out of Gitmo and loose on the rest of the world.
I just think that someone should be looking more than 2 days ahead from now and what their decisions or back door deals will do to us as a country or what it will do to the stability of the world?  It doesn’t appear they are though.

The world is going crazy and it seems like the current administration is more then happy to help. From the Iran “deal” to the hacking of Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s servers, finding out the Democrats were fixing the primary in Hillary’s favor to closing down GITMO and releasing terrorists into the world free to kill again.  What the hell is going on?
Let’s talk about this GITMO thing, we’ll get to the other stupid moves that are risking national and world security in a later blog but let’s stick with this one.
President Obama is continuing to let prisoners go free from GITMO and has vowed GITMO will be shut down by the end of his term in Jan 2017.
That’s only 5 1/2 months away.
As of a day or so ago we let the largest group of known terrorists out of GITMO including one of Osama Bin Laden’s body guards, so you know he was a good guy, just a young man who was gainfully employed. That’s saying a lot now. Not too many millennial want to work BUT not this guy, he wanted to protect one of the worst terrorists of our time.  He’s a real “go-getter” this kid who obviously just got caught up in hustle and bustle of terrorist life.
We’ve let these terrorists out and back into the free world. Free to terrorize and kill innocent people.
Currently as of 8/17/16 there are 61 detainees remaining out of the 775 detainees that have been brought to Guantanamo since inception.
There was a report today (8/18/16) that 20% of all GITMO detainees that have been released have joined other Anti-American/terrorists groups.
Good to know they won’t hold a grudge!  but what happened?  I thought we were wrong for holding these people?  I thought they were innocent and we Americans were just being a bunch of babies.  No?
20% – Holy CRAP! that’s an additional 155 & 1/2 terrorists back in the swing of things thanks to Obama. I’m sure their terrorist family has missed them all and they will all have bright futures. Killing Innocent people.
Now, lets be clear about who these people are in GITMO: They aren’t people who didn’t pay a parking ticket, missed a court date or got busted with a joint.
These are people that have ties to real terrorist organizations.
Legitimate terrorist organizations that want to kill us and anyone who disagrees with them.
People who will fund or carry out attacks against innocent people world-wide because they don’t like them mostly because of religious reasons and we just let them loose on the world.  I know President Obama thinks this is a good idea, but do most people?
What I find unreal is the fact that we all promised to ‘Never Forget’ after the first World Trade Center bombings of 1993, after 9/11, after the Marathon Bombing in Boston, after Fort Hood, after the attacks in France and after San Bernadino, again after Russian planes were blown out of the sky,  and then the Orlando attack and Istanbul and Turkey and Nigeria and France again, and Yemen and Germany and Syria and Iraq and Australia and the Netherlands and yet again France and it continues today.
Have we forgotten?  Have we learned anything from whats going on?  I don’t think we have.
I know, you’re going to say “Bry, settle down you worry wart, what’s the worst that can happen?”  Well I’ll tell you, I don’t want to think about it and we should do what we can to fix it before this whole thing blows up.
Now back to that loan,,,,,
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