Thomas Jefferson is often misquoted as saying information is the currency of democracy.  I understand why – it sounds like Thomas Jefferson doesn’t it? Or perhaps Ben Franklin? That axiom is actually the brain child of liberal fire brand Ralph Nader. What do you think any of these illustrious men would think of the blatant exhibition of censorship put on by the Obama Administration this week. We can call Ralph and ask him. For the other two we can only hazard a guess. I don’t think they would have been impressed. I sure wasn’t.

This week under the Obama administration we saw the worst case of censorship since, well, the Obama administration tried to convince the American people that their ambassador in Benghazi was murdered by a protest about a video that went awry instead of an Islamic terrorist attack celebrating the anniversary of 9/11. In that cast U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was sent out onto the talk show circuit to put the blame for the deaths of four Americans on a YouTube video even though the White House was fully aware it was a jihadist attack. Then as in now they were motivated by a need to keep us the people unaware of how badly they were handling the biggest threat to our society since WWII.

This week US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the head of the Justice Department was sent out to do the dirty work. She also made the Sunday morning news show rounds. This time the Obama administration didn’t even pretend they were being honest with the information flow. Loretta Lynch came right out and told everyone that the Department of Justice and the FBI had decided to “redact” the transcripts of the 911 calls made by the terrorist who shot up over one hundred people in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida. She told us to our collective faces that they were going to remove the names of the ISIS leaders mentioned by the shooter because leaving them in would inflame our primitive minds and we might go berserk and kill people who were not radicalized Islamic terrorists.

What she did not mention was that she and her cohorts did more than redact the transcripts by whiting out names. They also edited the transcripts by replacing the name Allah with the word God everywhere it appeared. I am assuming for the same reason the names were redacted. The name Allah apparently might send us into a frenzy.

Unlike the public reaction to the Benghazi video story which was a slow boil because it took us awhile to discover the subterfuge, the reaction to this in your face censorship was an immediate furor. The Obama administration had finally over estimated their sway over the mainstream media and the electorate. It only took saying to our up turned faces f@#k you.

Or maybe it was the fact that they had been caught in lies too many times over the past few months. We had in short order witnessed a White House staffer brag to the New York Times how the administration had deceived the public about the time line of the Iran nuclear deal, a State Department press secretary admitting to a Fox News reporter that he had been lied to, a video which was deliberately censored on the State Department website to expunge the lie admission (even then they blamed it on a technical glitch at first and then when caught admitted the editing had been deliberate but they were in the dark over who did it).  Let us not forget that the White House also recently censored the President of France when he used the dreaded phrase “Islamist Terrorist”.

Imagine it only took the Obama administration calling us too stupid to notice on national television before we finally stood up in Network fashion like Peter Lynch’s character Howard Beale screaming at the top of his lungs “I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!” The response of the administration was immediate. Within four hours the Department of Justice said in the interest of transparency they would release the un-redacted 911 transcripts.  And they did – almost. The names are now there except for one – Allah. The new “unedited” release still has the word God wherever the terrorist used the name Allah.  I guess they still think we are too stupid to notice…

That brings me back to my first question. If information is the currency of a democracy what exactly is it that we are living in now if instead of information we have obvious, unrelenting censorship?

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