When did republicans become the human equivalent of scyphozoans otherwise known as the spineless jellyfish?

Donald Trump raised the concern that the federal judge hearing the Trump University lawsuit, Judge Gonzalo Curiel, was bias and not affording him a fair trial. He did not phrase it well. And because he was trying to make the point that the judge might be affiliated with the National Council of La Raza which is a political action group composed of Latino Americans who are vociferously against Donald Trump he pointed out that the judge was a Mexican American who belonged to La Raza Lawyers of San Diego. It took all of thirty seconds before the cries of racism began to echo along the campaign trail between the democrats and the recently Trump chastened main stream media. The shocking thing is that it took all of another thirty seconds before some stalwart republicans joined in.

Everyone expected Hillary Clinton to do exactly what she did. Start yelling in that high pitched shriek of hers that while she does not know what is  in Mr. Trump’s heart  she views his statements regarding Judge Curiel to be a “racist attack” and “just plain wrong…coming from someone who is vying to become president of the United States.” Attacking Donald Trump is her job. It is what she is supposed to do.

The same cannot be said for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Speaker Ryan decided to disavow Donald Trump’s questions about the impartiality of Judge Curiel calling Mr. Trump’s comments “a textbook definition of a racist comment.” He did not however back down from his original lukewarm endorsement of Trump saying he still thinks he is the better choice between Trump and Clinton. Is there a particular reason he had to make a statement at all? Could he not have given Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt and simply stood by him as the presumptive Republican nominee? Is he planning for a run in 2020 already?

Next comes former Speaker of the House and Vice-Presidential contender Newt Gingrich. Newt upon hearing the spinned version of Donald Trump’s complaints about Judge Curiel wasted no time hitting the talk show circuit where he made it clear he thought Trump’s statement were “unacceptable” and one of the candidate’s “worst mistakes”.  Donald Trump’s response to Gingrich’s failure to stand by him was a simple “His statement was inappropriate.” I wouldn’t wait by the phone at the convention Newt…

You remember Sen. Lindsey Graham – he was against Donald Trump before he was for him. After his own failed presidential bid in which he discovered he could not even carry his home state of South Carolina, Lindsey went home to sulk where first he stated that choosing between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz was like having to choose between being shot or poisoned. He then endorsed Ted Cruz after saying at a Washington Press Club dinner that “if you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you.” After Ted flamed out, Lindsey had what he called a pleasant conversation with Donald Trump about national security. Next thing we know the bromance is on with Donald. However, as soon as Lindsey heard about Trump’s questioning whether a Mexican American judge with ties to La Raza was giving him a fair trial all bets were off again with Graham urging any republicans who have endorsed Trump to “rescind” their support immediately. A note to Senator Graham’s staffers, I know its summer but don’t’ open the windows in the senator’s office. If the breeze changes direction he might just decide to endorse Hillary Clinton.

We finally come to one of the few republicans who showed some backbone this week. That was unsurprisingly Gov. Chris Christie. Christie slammed both Ryan and Graham saying the latter has lost all credibility. It is too bad the big guy is from New Jersey because I don’t think the Trump ticket can win with two white guys from the northeast. Otherwise he is prime vice-presidential material.

What this company of spineless GOP establishment beauties (Chris Christie excepted of course) failed to recognize in their haste to be perceived as politically correct is that Donald Trump did not make a racist comment. He raised an issue. Namely that Judge Curiel had made some rulings that made the defendants uncomfortable. Such as scheduling the trial to start on the first day of the Republican National Convention. Such as allowing the initial plaintiff in the class action suit to withdraw without dismissing the case. Such as unsealing the documents in the case, disseminating them to the press and then trying to reseal the documents again. And such as appointing the Robbins Geller law firm who have paid $675,000 in speaking fees to Hillary Clinton and who sponsored the annual gala of La Raza Lawyers of San Diego to represent the plaintiffs.

La Raza (translation The Race) is the crux of this matter. The Judge as previously mentioned is an admitted member of La Raza Lawyers of San Diego. He was listed as a selection committee member on their website for the aforementioned gala where the plaintiffs’ lawyers were sponsors. La Raza Lawyers of San Diego is not a “branch” of the National Council of La Raza who are spitting vitriol at Donald Trump for his plans to build a wall on our southern border and whose members are throwing eggs and other more dangerous items at Trump supporters during Trump rallies. It does, however,  have ties to it. On the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego website listed as their affiliate is the National Council of La Raza. The groups also endorse each other according to the same website.

Upon review of Judge Curiel it would appear that he has a bias against Mr. Trump which has become apparent from his pre-trial rulings. And when it comes to the judiciary appearance is everything. The federal code of conduct for judges requires them to not only be fair, it requires them to avoid “even the appearance of impropriety.”

Donald Trump was pointing out that the judge’s politics were getting in the way of a fair hearing on the matter before him. In order to demonstrate the politics of the judge it was necessary to point out the judge’s affiliation with an organization whose membership is limited to a particular ethnicity. This does not make him a racist. It makes him blunt and to the point which are the very attributes the voters have been responding to since Mr. Trump first announced his run for presidency.  The establishment GOP blowhards seem to have forgotten that in their haste to appear non-controversial. They also seemed to have forgotten their spines.

Donald Trump says he is done talking about Trump University and Judge Curiel. We can only hope that Ryan, Gingrich, Graham et al. are done as well.

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