A chant has been resonating across the floor and through the halls of the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. “Lock her up. Lock her up.” can be heard in the court yards, the elevator, Radio Row and in the snack bar lines. It’s in the garage, the public restrooms and the loge suites. It’s now in slogan form on campaign buttons, bumper stickers and coffee mugs. The left wing is apoplectic and it all started with Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey on Tuesday night.

Gov. Christie started the new craze when he decided in his keynote speech the second night of the convention to lay out his indictment of Hillary Clinton as one of the worst Secretaries of State in modern history. So bad in fact that she has made the world infinitely less safe than it was when she took office. Christie had the convention floor trembling with roars of “lock her up” and “guilty”. The refrain was picked up Wednesday night by Gov. Rick Scott of Florida followed by radio host Laura Ingraham and finally by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The chanted refrain along with its accompanying campaign memorabilia has the Clinton campaign and their media toadies besides themselves.  Rachel Maddow on MSNBC was so distraught that she gave a disclaimer during her show to warn those with sensitive dispositions to turn away before her cameraman showed a shot of a collection of anti-Hillary campaign buttons.  She said and I quote “You may find it uncomfortable. And so, you may not want to look at this stuff. But these are some of the pins that are being sold at the venue.” What happens to these people during shark week on the Discovery Channel? They must go into a coma.

Liberal outlet Mother Jones had a ready response to the new verbal slogan of the Republican Convention. They called the show in Cleveland the most dangerous convention ever and declared the chant “lock her up” was undermining democratic governance. Specifically this is what they said:

They were demanding she be treated as a criminal and sent to the hoosegow. This moment marked the culmination of a meme on the right: that Clinton is not a legitimate leader and that her election would not be legitimate. By embracing this theme and placing it center stage at Trumpalooza, Donald Trump and the GOP were undermining, if not threatening, democratic governance.

Mother Jones completely misses the point. They are not making an oblique suggestion that if she is elected her election is illegitimate. They are saying out loud that she should actually be locked up for breaking the law. The FBI Director very eloquently laid out the case for her indictment and then pulled his punch. The head of the Justice Department through her hands up in the air after what was supposed to be a secret meeting with the husband of the investigation’s target and said the FBI has spoken.  The delegates at the convention calling for the chain gang are decrying the loss of the blindfold on the lady with the scales not making a Jeffersonian statement regarding our democracy.

Or maybe they are thinking about the current investigation into fraud at the Clinton Slush Fund, er I mean the Clinton Foundation. Stories surfaced just this week that Mrs. Clinton had falsely named the parties behind her husband’s massive speaking fees while she was Secretary of State in order to hide the fact that the real sources of the monies paid had ties to the Clintons or had business with the State Department.

They could have been thinking about how as Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton created a vacuum for ISIS to grow in Libya with her disastrous fly over war. Or maybe they were pondering how she and her husband laundered and kept money meant for earthquake victims in Haiti. Another possibility is that they are peeved that she sold our uranium to the Russians or laid the groundwork for a disastrous nuclear treaty with Iran. Perhaps it is just the fact that Hillary and her lack of judgement and overriding self-interest have made the world a more lethal place.

And yet they call the republicans the dangerous ones.

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