By Michele McPhee – Boston

A Boston judge issued an arrest warrant for the twin brother of cop killer Jorge Zambrano today after he failed to show up in court on charges that he stole $7,000 from an elderly couple in Jamaica Plain.

Giancarlo Zambrano, 35, had been ordered to pay back the victim by April 28 and the larceny case would have been dismissed, according to court records. He failed to make those restitution payments and was slated to appear in West Roxbury District Court this morning. An arrest warrant was issued after he failed to appear, according to the court docket.

Suffolk County prosecutors said Zambrano took at $7000 deposit to replace vinyl siding on the side of a house and never did the work leading to his arrest on larceny by scheme charges, one of multiple scams he has been accused of committing across the Commonwealth.

Zambrano, who lives in Miami, FLA and Sutton, MA, was on the phone with his twin brother in the hours after Auburn Police Officer Ronald Tarentino was gunned down, shot five times in the back as he returned to his cruiser after pulling over a white Infinity with an attached license plate. Jorge Zambrano made the call while hiding in the closet of an Oxford home with his pit bull, police officials said.

Giancarlo Zambrano’s girlfriend, Ashley Losapio, a Massachusetts probation officer, has come under scrutiny since Tarentino’s murder. Losapio was part of the Ware Report, an independent investigation into the patronage-plagued Probation Deparment, where it was revealed that her stepfather Paul Losapio is an Uxbridge, MA District Court Judge.

Losapio, according to the Ware Report, was investigated after Worcester Police obtained evidence she was leaking confidential information to drug suspects. Despite the serious nature of the allegations she was allowed to keep her job in the probation department.

And in recent Facebook posts she is still being photographed with Giancarlo Zambrano, who, multiple law enforcement sources said, is still linked to him through cell phone records.

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